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How effective can golf putting mats be for your putting? Well, let me tell you about the best putter I have ever played with... He was a young British amateur, who set himself the goal of hitting 10,000 practice putts during the cold British winter each year.

Needless to say he putted me off the course. 22 putts in 18 holes! I'd never seen anything like it! Short putts, long putts. From on and off the green he holed them all.

"How did you manage 10,000 putts?" I wondered...
"Easy," he said - "80 putts per night 5 nights a week, and in the course of the winter you'll reach 10,000"

OK, so 10,000 might be more than most people could manage if you've got a full time job, but even 1,000 putts following your full routine would make you a better putter.

The only way you can do this is by using an indoor putting mat.

Is it time you thought about golf putting mats seriously? If so, here's a list of handy offers to get you started:

Masters Golf Putting Mat Masters golf putting mat In our view the best value for money of any golf putting mat - a high quality product

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