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Offset Putters

Almost all putters are offset putters. That means that the face of the putter is set behind (i.e. further away from the target than) the leading edge of the putter shaft.

There's one major reason why the majority of putters are made this way. Quite simply it's because you'll most likely putt better with an offset putter than you will with an onset putter. This is because the design of the head keeps your hands ahead of the ball.

on an offset putter ...

If your hands lead the putter head through the ball you'll find you're far more likely to have passive hands through the strike and the putter head will twist less on off-center hits. If your hands are behind the ball (as they're more likely to be with an onset putter) you'll be more likely to flick, flip or twist your hands through impact. All of these factors increase the likelihood that you'll send the ball off line.

However, I did say you'll "most likely putt better" with offset putters! It's not an exact science.

You could be one of the few who prefer the face in front of the shaft. You might dislike the way an offset putter sits behind the ball. You may hate the fact that the shaft of the club obscures your vision of the whole of the top edge of the putter face, but the vast majority of us will putt better with an offset design as against any other design

If you're certain that an offset putter is not for you, then try an onset putter and hope you're one of the few!

Click on any of the links below for an unbiased review of offset putters and to find out where you can buy them at the best price.


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