Collectible Putters

Here's the guide to collectible putters. It is, admittedly, a work in progress and probably always will be. However, whenever we find more resources about rare or valuable putters, we'll post them here.

Generally, collectible putters fall into 3 categories:

  • Antique putters: The best info we can offer on hickory-shafted or antique putters is in an interview we did with antique club expert Gavin Bottrell of Timewarp golf.
  • "Bling" putters: ultra high-end creations made with gold, diamonds or crystal - not something you could actually use on the course. Read here about the most outrageous bling putters out there.
  • Limited editions: from top brands such as Scotty Cameron and Ping. These are what the majority of golfers are interested in. Keep reading for more information...

Collectible Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron LogoApart from some very rare antique putters, collectible Scotty Cameron putters consistently achieve the highest prices in the collectible putter market.

They are the most desirable mass market putter and Scotty Cameron himself has released a steady stream of "limited edition" putters which regularly change hands for in excess of $1000, some much more.

Valuing these putters is a very inexact science and even though ebay is the best place to find them, ebay also has the reputation of having excessively high asking prices for rare putters, so tread cautiously if buying there.

Here are the current listing in ebay for "collectible Scotty Cameron putters":

... on a Collectible Scotty Cameron putter

Not in the US? Click here for eBay and Amazon listings for a Scotty Cameron putter in your region

Top prices are paid for putters which are in mint condition including the headcover and ideally in all their original packaging.

For examples of prices and commentaries on what constitutes a top-notch Scotty Cameron, click here for an excellent article on Golf Digest's website

Collectible Putters from Ping

Ping Golf LogoPing Putters have won thousands of pro tournaments worldwide since the first one was put on sale in 1959.

But how do you know whether you've got a gem tucked away in your garage, or just another run of the mill putter? Here are two resources to help you...

To start with, here are the current listings on ebay for "collectible Ping Putters" on ebay. Compare your putter with those listed here (click the search button for a full listing) to see if you're in the right ball park:

... on a Collectible Ping putter

Not in the US? Click here for eBay and Amazon listings for a Scotty Cameron putter in your region

Next, we suggest using the guide below to give you a good introduction and show you whether you're onto a winner when you find a dusty old Ping in the bargain barrel at your local store:

Lumpy's Ping manual

(click here to download)

It was put together by a Ping Putter aficionado who goes by the name of "Lumpy", and was posted on the putter discussion site: There is a wealth of knowledge contained in the book about the early Ping models from the Ping 1A to the early Ansers.

Most of the models are identified by photograph and stamp wording, which will allow you to know whether yours is one of the valuable early models.

Click on the image below to download the book.

For more information on Collectible putters , especially Pings. Follow the link!

Bling putters

Bling putters are a whole different category of collectible putters. Probably not meant to be used on the golf course at all, they are designed to be looked at and admired. The fact that only a few of these putters are to be found kind of suggests that golfers don't value this kind of thing that much. 

Anyways, here are the "blingiest" putters in the world: 

The Barth and Sons Golden Putter

Gold-plated shaft, head encrusted with diamonds and a uber-red leather grip. Price: $150,000.

The Gem Spot OM 5 putter

Perhaps most ridiculous bling putter of the lot! It's a standard putter (looks like a rather poor one) with diamonds on the aimline! There's a whole range available, but to me they seem entirely like gimmicks.

Hoya Crystal Putter

Who doesn't need a putter crafted out of a solid piece of Hoya crystal? It'll have terrible performance, because there will be no heel and toe weighting, so the sweet spot will be miniscule, but I get the impression that they didn't design it for performance!

If you've got a spare $1,000-$50,000 (no kidding - see below), and really have nothing else to do with it, then the Hoya is just what you need! Click here for live ebay links for the Hoya Crystal putter

Odyssey Gold Diamond Putter

The only seriously usable putter here: This Odyssey 2-ball was created by Odyssey to adorn the multi-millionaire's house. He or she probably wouldn't take it out on the course though, it's selling for $161,000!

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