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Insert Putters

Odyssey Metal X insertInsert putters are putters which have a different material (the "insert") inlayed into the face. You actually strike the ball with this insert material and not the material used to make the main part of the putter head itself.

Insert materials can be either hard or soft and you see manufacturers making all sorts of claims about the effect their inserts have on the way the putter feels, although the most common claim is that it softens the feeling of the ball against the putter head.

on an insert putter...

Do Insert Putters Work?

The answer to this, in's view, is "it depends on the quality of the insert". As you can see from the list above, Odyssey is the market leader in insert putters, although since the wildly popular Ghost series, Taylormade's putters have also included super soft inserts. In our opinion Odyssey putter inserts do contribute to the softness of the feel of the ball striking the face and they are good to use as a result.

Whether they make you a better putter is almost impossible to say.

It seems to be a given that we all putt better with putters we like the feel of, so you really have to try out a putter for a little while before you decide whether to buy that model or not. If your favorite putter happens to have an insert then they're obviously for you.

What we can tell you with absolute certainty is that there are hundreds of high-performing, tour-proven putters which do NOT have inserts, so having an insert in the face of your putter isn't the be-all and end-all, it's just another option.

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