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Looking for a Rife Putter - Which is the best model to go for?

Searching for a Rife putter? They come in all shapes and sizes, but what do they feel like to use and how do they roll the ball? Our hands-on reviews will tell you! You can also find out where to buy them at the best prices!

A Rife is a great purchase if you're starting to get serious about the game. Their designs are innovative and good looking and they're fairly reasonably priced for a high quality product.

on a Rife putter...

Click on the links below for's independent, hands-on reviews, you'll also find where to buy them at the best prices!

Rife Two Bar Rife Two Bar A putter that looks and feels good behind the ball. Just a bit firm on the feel side.

Rife Abaco Rife Abaco A good looking wide-backed blade which resembles the Major winning TPA putters of the 80s & 90s

Rife Bimini Rife Bimini A little thin in the top portion of the blade, but otherwise a great looking putter with good blade feel

Rife Hybrid Tour Mallet Rife Hybrid Tour Mallet Despite the Tour element to this putter's name, we haven't seen any of them actually on the pro tours. One of the least impressive of Rife's range

Rife Mr. Beasley Rife Mr. Beasley Nicely finished and reasonably priced mallet - well worth a look

Not sure if a Rife putter is right for you? Click here for our guide to choosing the right putter for your stroke.

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