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What is a toe weighted putter? Well it's all to do with positioning of the weight in the putter's head. When you rest the shaft across your palm, if the toe of your putter falls closer to the ground than the heel, it's toe weighted. The two putters on the left in this image are toe weighted, but as you can see they come with varying amounts of toe weighting or toe hang. 

Having the weight in the toe means that the face has a tendency to rotate from open to closed as you swing through the ball. This is exactly what you want if you have an arc stroke going from open-square-closed through the hitting area, but it's awful if you're trying to produce a straight-back-straight-through stroke with the face square to the target throughout.

Which of these types of stroke you use should dictate what kind of putter you use. If you look to swing your putter on a pronounced arc with it opening to the line of the putt in the backswing and closing on the through swing, you should definitely have a toe weighted putter.

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Toe weighted putter vs. Face balanced putter?

This is probably the biggest question you should ask yourself before you buy a putter. Although you should find the putter that you feel most comfortable with, the balance will always be there either helping the shape of your stroke or hurting it.

I know which I would rather have!

If you have a straight-back-straight-through stroke or a very shallow arc to your stroke (usually if you are very tall and stand very upright and therefore close to the ball) and don't want to see your putter going inside the line on the back and through stroke, then you're better off which a face balanced putter.

Which of these two methods is best? That's for you to decide - "different strokes for different folks", as the saying goes.

The one thing that occurs to me is that the vast majority of the great champions since I started watching golf in 1988 used toe weighted models. In my memory only one player - Padraig Harrington - has won multiple major championships with a face balanced putter. There may be others (email me if you know different!) but he's the only one I know.

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Whichever you choose - I wish you all the luck on the greens!'s independent reviews of toe weighted putters

Nike Logo


Nike Method 001 Nike Method 001 A minimalist anser head that looks just a little lightweight. The roll is pure and the feel is good.

Nike Method 004 Nike Method 004 Face balanced version of the Method 001. Favor this putter if you're trying to produce a straight-back-straight through stroke.

Odyssey Golf Logo


Odyssey Black iX 1 Odyssey Black iX 1 Perhaps Odyssey's best effort yet to eclipse the Scotty Cameron and Ping Ansers.

Ping Logo


Ping Anser Ping Anser 2 The Anser is the putter that has been copied a thousand times - now available from Ping at a variety of prices.

Ping Redwood Anser Ping Redwood Anser The design which has won more pro events than any other, now with top quality materials.

Ping Karsten Anser Ping Karsten Anser Unbeatable on price and right up there for feel and design.

Ping Anser G5i Ping Anser G5i A hideous beast to look at, but beautiful to use.

Scotty Cameron Logo

Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft The classic shape, different hosel ... but same awesome feel.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select The affordable Scotty Cameron.

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TaylorMade Rossa Kia Ma Daytona TaylorMade Rossa Kia Ma Daytona Good looking Anser style putter - Part of TaylorMade's resurgence as a designer of high quality putters

TaylorMade Ghost TM-110 TaylorMade Ghost TM-110 Beautiful square-designed Anser with great aimlines - well worth a look!

TaylorMade Rossa Daytona TaylorMade Rossa Daytona Setup Well constructed Anser style putter - excellent if you're after a good putter at a lower cost - gunmetal color looks classy - feels good too!

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Yes C-Groove

Yes Tracy 2 (C-Groove) Yes Tracy 2 In our view the classiest Yes putter - anser-style head with the amazing C-Groove for a terrific roll.

Yes Donna (C-Groove) Yes Donna Wide bodied anser-style head with the amazing C-Groove for a terrific roll.

Yes Carolyne Yes Carolyne A straightforward heel and toe design with great roll from the C-Groove

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