College Logo Putter

College logo putter

Looking for a college logo putter? They're gaining in popularity, and yet are still individual enough to express yourself with.

If you want to have your college crest emblazoned on your flat-stick, you could go for an off-the-shelf logoed putter or get creative and have your current blade customized.

There are lots of choices. To help guide you through it all, contributor and PGA Pro James Melcer set out to find the best options ...

What's the best way to show school spirit out on the course?

You could choose custom logo golf balls, bags, and shirts. They can look great - though in truth we're never going to rock our colors like Ricky Fowler. And a golf shirt is somehow predictable and dispensable. Short of getting a tattoo, what can you do?

If you want something a little bit more unique, how about a putter with your college crest on it?

This is sure to be a subtle conversation starter and show your friends that you're serious about your alma mater. (They might even believe you once played on the team!)

$59.99 for a College Logo Putter... are they any good?

Should you decide that you're ready for a college logo putter there are a few places to pick one up online. In my experience has the widest variety of different university logos to choose from, but they only feature one style of putter (pictured at the top of this page).

It's a fairly traditional mallet that they offer and whilst it isn't a disastrous choice, it's no Scotty Cameron, not by a long way.

These putters fall more into the novelty category than the performance category, but for $59.99 that's pretty much what you'd expect. They even feature a matching shaft to give you that truly custom look.

Adding a logo to an existing putter

Now, if you've already got a putter and you want to add some school spirit to it, there are also a few options. With a Scotty Cameron putter, the choice is clear. Head over to and have them pimp it up!

Although you can't add a full college crest you can add custom color paint fill to match your school colors, and you can also have letters engraved and choose from custom grip options.

It'll be beautiful, but you'll also have to stump up a pretty penny for the work.

If you've got another type of putter (Odyssey, TaylorMade, Ping, etc) your best bet is to check with your local golf shop and see what college logo options they offer through their sales reps. Many of these brands offer college logo options, but they're often limited to the big, popular schools out there so keep that in mind.

If you really can't find what you're looking for, the next best option would be to look for a freelance artist who can add colors and designs to your putter, but that's more likely to be something you search for locally as you won't find many artists or websites who focus specifically on painting putters on a mass scale.

A local artist would be advantageous, as you wouldn't have to send your putter through the mail, which always carries a certain amount of risk with it. I have had a snapped driver shaft and one club that never turned up because of courier services!

Other options - headcovers and grips

If you're not keen on a cheap logoed putter and you're not sure you want to apply paint or new lettering to your cherished blade, then a college logo headcover is a comfortable halfway house.

For college logo headcovers, I'd once again recommend simply because of their massive selection of different college insignias on offer.

Another option you should probably have a look at is - of course - Ebay. Click here to see what they're currently offering in terms of headcovers

Finally, for custom college logo grips I've had great experience with Superstroke's customizable grip service. It's important to find an installer who knows what they're doing when putting these grips on, however, as they can easily be ruined if installed improperly.

So to sum it all up, you pretty much get what you pay for when it comes to equipping yourself with a college logo putter. The $59.99 putters are little more than gimmicks for the serious golfer and customizing your present putter with paint or lettering is best left to the professionals, but it can take a while for the putter to be sent back to you and end up rather costly.

For my money, I'd go for my favorite putter with a custom grip and college logoed headcover every time.

Let us know what you've done to celebrate your college roots! Click on Contact Us and send pictures... we'll feature the best on this page!
James Melcer

by James Melcer
Class A PGA Professional

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