Futuristic Putters

Futuristic putters are the latest development in putters. They're designed with almost no regard for looks, and offer the best technical advantages of high M.O.I. (moment of inertia, or resistance to twisting)

They are almost without exception face balanced putters, so will best suit a stroke that does not have a great deal of arc to it. In general, this type of putter has every type of technical advantage that's possible. They are built for performance and not for looks. If you can get used to the appearance of the putter, then this may well be a great choice for you.

Although the feel may not be the same as a classic blade putter, unless you're a very low handicapper the design features of these putters will help you far more than any loss of feel might hold you back.  Give one a try!

The most futuristic putters out there...

The Taylormade Spider

Taylormade Spider

The Taylormade Spider re-wrote the text book on what shapes of putter were normally seen on the world's professional tours. Although they were way out when they launched, as soon as major champions and top tour stars like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm started using them, they became mainstream.

The advertising hype surrounding these putters would lead you to believe that they possess so much science that you could barely miss with one, but we found them an acquired taste, and not all that easy to line up despite the long line on the top, so it's well worth giving one a thorough trial before shelling out the $100s they cost brand new. Alternatively, buy a used one, just to see what they're like. 

on a classic Taylormade Spider...

The Scotty Cameron Phantom Range

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12

Scotty Cameron jumped on the big-tech futuristic bandwagon in the mid 2000s with the Futura. This wholly unattractive putter stayed in Phil Mickelson's bag for a season or so before he went back to more conventional shapes. Since then Scotty Cameron has introduced the Futura X and Phantom styles which are heavy looking mallets with weights in all sorts of places.

The later models with black inserts are the best of these, combining great roll and high tech with a surprising amount of feel. Not quite up to Scotty's more conventional styles, but good nonetheless.

on a Scotty Cameron Phantom...

The Ping Wolverine 

Ping have always produced angular, ugly futuristic putters to go alongside their beautiful and minimalist Anser range. Amongst the weirdest were the Ping Craz-E, which we really liked when we tested it back in 2009. 

Ping Wolverine

Towards the end of the 2010s, the Ping Wolverine became the manufacturer's oddest shape. With Ping, you're always guaranteed good feel and a good roll, so even if you are the only one who thinks one of these models is good to look at, then it'll be worth giving a go, especially on the second-hand market.

on a Ping Wolverine...

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Cleveland logo



Cleveland T Frame Cleveland T-Frame Surprisingly well finished futuristic putter. If you like see-through frame designs this is a good value-for-money option

Never Compromise logo

Never Compromise


Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Belly Putter Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Super-long aimline and futuristic design. Solid, affordable belly putter.

Never Compromise NCX Ray Never Compromise NCX Ray Nice face balanced belly putter with a big, but light head.

on a Never Compromise putter...

Odyssey logo



Odyssey 2 Ball Odyssey 2 Ball The iconic putter of the 2000s - easy to aim, great feel

Odyssey Backstryke Odyssey Backstryke One of the most revolutionary designs in putting. Love it or hate the look, the results are good

Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Padraig Harrington used this combination of blade and 2 ball design to win majors, but what's it like?

Odyssey White Hot 7l Odyssey White Hot 7L Great looking long putter with slightly dead feel - excellent for fast greens


Odyssey White Ice Progressive Terron Mid Odyssey White Ice Progressive Terron Mid Sharp edged star ship of a putter - you need to like futuristic shapes to use this one!

on an Odyssey putter...

Ping Logo


Ping Crazy E Ping Crazy E One of the easiest putters to line up we've ever tested, but feel is hollow

Ping Scottsdale Pickemup Ping Scottsdale Pickemup This cross between the Batman sign & a Star Wars fighter has surprisingly good feel

Ping iN Wack-E Ping iN Wack-E A radical spin off from the successful (but hollow-sounding) G5i Craz-E

Ping IN Ping IN Technology has led the Ping designers to create a holy mess of a putter. If you love the weird and the wacky, you might (just) like this

on a Ping putter...

Rife Putters logo



Rife Hybrid Tour Mallet Rife Hybrid Tour Mallet Despite the Tour element to this putter's name, we haven't seen any of them actually on the pro tours. One of the least impressive of Rife's range

on a Rife putter...  Scotty Cameron Logo

Scotty Cameron


Scotty Cameron Futura Scotty Cameron Futura Phil Mickelson toyed with the Futura, before heading back to a blade. The first of the truly futuristic putters, and probably about as attractive as they're ever going to be

on a Scotty Cameron putter...


Taylormade logo



TaylorMade Rossa Spider TaylorMade Rossa Spider Lots of hype when this putter launched, but pros who rely on their putters have not stuck with the Spider

TaylorMade Ghost Corza TaylorMade Ghost Corza Beautiful square-designed Anser with great aimlines - well worth a look!

on a Taylormade putter...

Yes Golf logo



Yes Natalie (C-Groove) Yes Natalie Futuristic design with amazing roll and super long aimline.

Yes Emma Yes Emma The least attractive of the Yes belly putters - although that's just our opinion

on a Yes putter...

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