How do you make best golf putter choice for you?

golf putter choice The bewildering amount of golf putter choice on the market makes choosing a putter a challenge.

If you already know what brand of putter or even which model you're looking for, key it into this search box and hit search and you'll find all the information we have available.

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All of our putter reviews are hands-on - in other words, we don't reproduce marketing spiel or take someone else's word for it, one of our reviewers will have tried out the putter and felt, heard and seen how it performs.

So go ahead and give us a try! Search's reviews for the putter you've looking for:

Don't know where to start?

If you're a newcomer to the Royal and Ancient game, making your first golf putter choice then here are our top 5 tips to finding the right putter for you:

1. Think about the make - better manufacturer = better putter Putters are highly engineered pieces of kit. Even though rolling a ball a few feet along the ground doesn't sound as complicated smashing a 300 yard drive, you will really benefit from a putter that's well put together. Big name brands like Ping, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron or TaylorMade definitely produce more precisely made putters than "no-name" brands, and your putting will be better as a result.

2. Face balanced or toe balanced? Getting a tiny bit technical here, you want to decide whether you are trying to achieve an stroke which follows a curved arc or a straight-back-straight-through stroke where the face of the putter points at the target throughout. Each type of stroke has a putter designed for it. If you are using a curved arc, you want a "toe weighted putter" which naturally swings on an open to square to closed path. A "face balanced" is designed to be used with a straight-back-straight-through stroke. For more information read our full articles on Choosing the right putter for you.

3. Can technology help? In a word, yes. Putters are highly engineered pieces of equipment. Believe it or not getting a ball to roll purely over a flat piece of green is harder than you think. So don't think "cheapest is best" in your golf putter choice - take a good look at better brands even if you have to buy a used putter. Your investment will be worth it!

4. Give it a try yourself. There really is no substitute to trying a putter out first hand. You've got to like the way it feels in your hands if it's going to give you confidence. At we've tried to give you the best golf putter choice by giving you an image of each putter we review from the player's eye view, but really there's nothing better than giving it a try yourself.

5. If you're limited by budget, buy a used putter: In our view you're so much better off buying a high spec putter, even if it's off the used rack or from ebay, than you are buying a brand new putter from a no-name brand. Design and manufacturing standards increase significantly with the price of new putters, so go for the best quality you can, even if it's a used putter.

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