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Odyssey 2 Ball Putters - which is the best?

2 Ball putters now come in all shapes and sizes, but which is the best and where can you buy it at the best price?

Click on the links below to find out which model will suit you best with's independent, hands-on reviews (Inactive links are for putters pending review - check back again soon!)

Odyssey 2 Ball Odyssey 2 Ball The iconic putter of the 2000s - easy to aim, great feel

Odyssey Backstryke Odyssey Backstryke One of the most revolutionary designs in putting. Love it or hate the look, the results are good

Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Padraig Harrington used this combination of blade and 2 ball design to win majors, but what's it like?

Background on the Odyssey 2-Ball

In the world of putters there have only been a small handful of game-changing designs. The Odyssey 2-Ball putters are fast becoming the modern putter revolution.

The 2-Ball aiming system is probably the most straightforward to aim correctly of any putter.

Instead of thin white aim line, the 2-Ball putters all have two white circular disc shapes on top of the putter. This helps to alleviate the problems aligning one round object (the outline of the ball) with another (the outline of the hole).

Since a lot of us visualize our line from the ball to the hole as a series of balls along that line, the 2 Ball design makes it very instinctive to align the putter correctly.

That and the the super-responsive white hot putter insert which we at absolutely love, are the two main reasons why the range has been so successful.

The first 2 Ball design was launched in 2001 and quickly became the best-selling putter on the market.

In the 10 years after its launch, pros used two ball putter designs to win over 190 events on world ranking tours. In fact Odyssey claims that over $80 million has been won by players using the 2-ball design.

Probably the most famous players who have used the 2 Ball are Annika Sorenstam, who used this design for the majority of her professional victories and Padraig Harrington who won the 2008 British Open with it.

This design was the first futuristic putter to become truly mainstream. Now, big mallet shaped, face balanced putters are virtually the standard shape for new putters on the market.

For more information about the Odyssey range and their revolutionary face inserts, click here.

Not sure which of the 2 ball putters is right you? Click here for our guide to choosing a putter to suit your stroke.

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