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Dear fellow golfer

This website is dedicated to making you the BEST PUTTER you can be!

... Imagine the thrill of playing golf knowing that you were likely to make sidewinders like the pros on TV.

... Imagine not fearing 3-4 footers any more.

There's no reason you can't revolutionize your putting, no matter what age you are, no matter what the rest of your game is like and no matter how bad you think your natural ability is.

I know because I've done it ... and helped others to do it too!

To revolutionize your putting, start with my 7-day email putting course or by watching an introductory putting seminar:

I have found your emails excellent... Thanks for sharing your experience and research.

David W , Dublin, Ireland

Who am I and how can I help with your putting?

William & Liga

My name is William John. I've been helping golfers cut serious shots off their putting since 2010 through this website, online courses and a book.

Between 2005 and 2010, I cut 10 shots off my putting. Before that I had a full-on case of the yips, but now I'm a successful competitive amateur in my 40s.

I've held a plus handicap since 2010 and am winning tournaments and playing regional team golf in my 40s, regularly beating players less than half my age.

Last season I averaged 29.36 putts in local and national competitions and have picked up a few cool trophies since I figured out how to put consistently well.

William John I cut 10 shots off my putting and you can too!
William President's Putter

Most of this is thanks to great putting.

I don't hit the ball that far and sometimes not even that straight, and that's the power of putting: It can make you score BETTER than you hit the ball.

I know that you CAN learn to putt considerably better than you currently do because I've helped lots of golfers to cut serious shots off their games through better putting.

People like Trevor:

“I just won the first competition I played since watching your videos! … I had a calm feeling over my putts that I haven’t had in years”

Trevor, Portsmouth, NH, 14 handicap

Or Julie:

“Just wanted to write to say that I had 30 putts on Sunday and holed some really nice 18-20 footers which never seemed to happen before... and I'm only half way through your course”

Julie, Berkshire UK, 3 handicap

If you'd like to receive the same free 7-day putting course by email, they started with click here. Or if you learn better through videos, click here for a free introductory putting seminar.

There's no doubt, though, that improving your putting can be confusing.

I discovered the secrets I needed through:

  • Roughly 5 years of trial and error
  • Reading dozens of long-forgotten putting books (some good, some awful!)
  • Spending $1,000s taking putting lessons from the best in the business all over the world - Dave Pelz's staff teachers, Bob Rotella's mind coaches and British putting legend Harold Swash.
Short putt president's putter final

But no single one of these gave me the silver bullet.

There was a lot of "two steps forward and one step back".

Only by putting together the best bits from each did I get what I needed.

One of those world-famous putting teachers even gave me downright damaging advice.

By sorting the good advice from the bad, I am now just about the best putter I know, amateur or pro - I consistently hole putts I could only have dreamed of when I was younger.

In my early 20s, I was a failing mini tour pro with a serious case of the yips. I averaged 39.45 in a stretch of tournaments my final season in 2004 and unsurprisingly I had to quit.

I was taking 12-13 more putts per round than tournament winners generally have! Yes 48+ putts worse over a 4-round tournament...

No wonder I had to retire broke and depressed!

But my 5 years of trial and error paid off and I cut more than 10 shots off my putting stats (29.36 putts per round last season).

Now I want to help you do the same and I'm confident that you can.

You could achieve the same results as Elliot below:

“Since reading your book, I've reduced my putting numbers from the high 40s per round to the high 30s in just 5 rounds and haven't had a 3-putt green in two rounds! I've literally cut 10 shots off my putting game in 3 weeks!”

Elliot, Surrey, UK, 25 handicap

How I cut 10 shots off my putting ... and how you can too!

In 2022, I published a book called: "How I cut 10 shots off my putting and how you can too!"

Golf Channel and Sky Sports announcer and former PGA Tour pro, Gary Christian, was kind enough to write this about it:

“Your book describes each step to GREAT putting in an understandable way… it sorts out all the main reasons why putts are missed. I enjoyed reading it!”

Gary Christian, Ex PGA Tour
player, Golf Channel
& Sky Sports announcer

The book is available as an ebook here or in paperback here on in the US and here on in the UK.

why shouldn't you revolutionize your putting?

How would you like the thrill of seriously improving your scores by becoming the best putter you can?

  • ... Beating your buddies?
  • ... Taking the $$$ in weekend money games?
  • ... Picking up the silverware at tournaments?

Here's how you can get started...:

  1. Sign up for my 7-day email course
  2. Watch an introductory video putting seminar
  3. Buy a copy of my book or e-book
  4. Download my free putting diagnostic tool

Here's the good news:
Learning to be the best putter in your
weekend 4-ball doesn't take much EFFORT!

Decent putting doesn't take Tiger Woods' strength or Rory McIlroy's one-in-a-million hip speed.

Physically, putting is a pretty easy task that children, their grandparents and everyone in between can achieve.

So why do most people suck on the greens?

  1. They don't know how to roll the ball purely without sidespin or backspin.
  2. They don't understand how to control speed.
  3. They don't understand how to read greens and the strategy behind where to aim.
  4. They don't know what to think in the crucial seconds they spend standing over the ball.
  5. The majority of club pros I've ever met (and even some specialist putting instructors) don't understand how to build a stroke that produces consistent results without conscious effort.

The methods I have found break everything you need to achieve great putting into 8 simple elements.

I'll be delighted to talk you through these in either my email putting lessons or my introductory video putting seminar. I look forward to helping you there.

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