Center Shafted Putter

center shafted putter
A center shafted putter is exactly what it seems to be - a putter where the shaft inserts into (more or less) the center of the head. They are usually face balanced, so they will best suit a straight-back-straight-through stroke. If your putting stroke is more of an in-square-in stroke, then you may well be better off with an anser style putter or a blade putter. Click on the links below to find out which center shafted putter is the best with's independent, hands-on reviews, you'll also find where to buy them at the best prices!

Titleist Bullseye - the original center shafted putter

center shafted putterProbably the most recognisable center shafted putter is the Bullseye, shown here. This putter won hundreds of professional events between the 1950s and 1990s. There are now many different shapes of putter which have the shaft in the center as you can see from the pictures below.

Beautiful though Bullseye shaped putters are, they are most definitely not for beginners, because of their extremely small sweetspots. If you're not sure whether this style of putter is for right you, click here for our guide to choosing the right putter for your stroke.

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Cleveland T Frame Cleveland T-Frame Surprisingly well finished futuristic putter. If you like see through frame designs this is a good value-for-money option

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Never Compromise

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Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Belly Putter Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Super-long aimline and futuristic design. Solid, affordable belly putter.

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Scotty Cameron

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Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft The classic shape, different hosel ... but same awesome feel.

Scotty American Classic 3 Heavy Flange Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 Heavy Flange A surprising remake of the classic bullseye flange shape. More forgiving and more immediate with feedback than the original

Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 A simply gorgeous reworking of the Bullseye shape. New materials and great Scotty Cameron workmanship make this a beautiful putter to look at. Still not that forgiving, though!

Scotty Cameron Bullseye Platinum Heavy Flange Scotty Cameron Bullseye Platinum Heavy Flange A Bullseye putter worthy of consideration! The offset neck and flange aren't quite what you'd want if you're a purist looking for a bullseye, but it putts better.

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Seemore FGP Original Seemore FGP Original A revolutionary putter which has now won 2 major championships thanks to its combination of roll on fast greens and patented riflescope aiming design. Well worth considering!

Seemore FGPw Seemore FGPw A nice re-working of the classic FGP from Seemore. Unfortunately only available with an offset shaft that doesn't make full use of the wonderful riflescope aiming system

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Titleist Bullseye Flange Titleist Bullseye Flange An extremely pretty putter. A favourite with some of the world's greats 50 years ago and excellent on fast greens. Unforgiving when compared with modern putters

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Yes Natalie (C-Groove) Yes Natalie Futuristic design with amazing roll and super long aimline.

Yes Carolyne Yes Carolyne A straightforward heel and toe design with great roll from the C-Groove

Perhaps a center shafted putter is not for you? Click here to find out about different putter types and which will suit your stroke!

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