I cut 10 shots off my putting and now I want to help you do the same

Free putting seminar

Free putting seminar

Want to have the thrill of holing putts from all over the greens and amazing your friends?

Want to become the best putter you know?

Register today for a free 30-minute putting seminar which will show you how to cut serious shots off your score.

How can I help you improve your putting?

I'm William John.

I'm a failed mini-tour pro who got the yips and had to quit.

I thought I had zero talent when it came to putting and short game.

And yet here I am 20 years later in my late 40s playing weekend golf only, but enjoying a successful amateur career picking up trophies like these:

William John I cut 10 shots off my putting and you can too!
William President's Putter

I know I can help you revolutionize your putting because that's precisely what I've done.

I cut 10 shots off my putting and now I putt as well as anyone I know - amateur or pro. 

Putting is absolutely crucial to good golf.

Without consistently holing putts, you feel like the game is beating you... but with it, you're a match for anyone!

In this free seminar, I will share with you the road-map to great putting that I discovered through years of trial and error on my way to cutting 10 shots off my putting game.

(This is no joke, by the way - in a series of tournaments during my last season as a pro, I averaged 39.45 putts per round and for the whole of last season, I averaged 29.36 putts - with a family, a full time job and little time to practice).

So go ahead and watch the seminar and see your scores start to fall.

Start today!

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