I cut 10 shots off my putting and now I want to help you do the same

cut serious shots off your game with my 7-day email putting course

contents of the course:

             Day 1: How to grip the putter to guarantee a square face at impact. 

             Day 2: How to roll your putts like a pro.

             Day 3: Double or even triple your short putt %.

             Day 4: The biggest myth in putting ... and how to avoid it.

             Day 5: The only 3 putting stats you need to keep ... and improve.

             Day 6: Learn expert green reading in 5 minutes.

             Day 7: Game-changing practice drills you can do at home.

“This email course is serious. I wasn't expecting such thoroughness”

Will F, Birmingham, AL

Since 2016, 1,000s of people have read my putting emails and this is what they say about them:

I have found your emails excellent... Thanks for sharing your experience and research.

David W , Dublin, Ireland

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