TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 Putter

The TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 was part of the Ghost range launched with great fanfare in 2013, with a bright white finish that the golf world had never seen before. 2015 saw Taylormade introduce some of the head shapes in a black finish too.

Before I start my review, I'll confess: I LOVED this putter. The looks work for me, although the white paint has flaked off most of the used versions I've seen, and the neutral feel of the face through impact is a complete winner.

In my view, this putter has the beating of many more highly priced putters.

How does it look behind the ball?

The TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 looks like quite a number of traditional Anser style putters.

In fact "striking" would be the first thing you'd have to say about the Ghost range as a whole. The white finish you see on these putters is something really distinctive and different.

... on a Taylormade Ghost TM-110 putter

When it's behind the ball you quickly see that there are three elements which make it super easy to line up. Firstly, the squareness of the head shape - all the angles look right - either parallel or perpendicular to each other, which mean you get a real sense of where the ball's going to go.

Then there's the head color. The fact that it's white and square-edged makes the putter stand out more than any other putter against the background of the green and this, too, seemed to make it easier to align.

TaylorMade LogoFinally there are the three aimlines on the back of the putter. I found these made the putter extremely easy to aim, too. As you can see in the picture, the two outer lines are exactly the right width to frame the ball and although I'm not sure why this should be the case it really did help.

"Did it really help that much?" you might be wondering. My answer: "Yes!" During the time I was testing this putter, I found that I was aligning slightly left of target because of the feedback from the lines on the back. After changing the way I align my regular putter, I'm now putting a whole lot better!

If it's that good, why didn't I just buy a Ghost? The answer is in the disappointing feel...

How does it feel?

TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 Unfortunately I found the feel of the TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 disappointing. The ball-putter contact was quite hard and clicky. There was certainly none of the subtlety of an insert putter, such as an Odyssey White Hot or a high quality milled putter like a Scotty Cameron or Ping Redwood.

Although a very hard contact might appeal to you, it didn't do it for me.

How does it roll the ball?

The roll of the ball, as you'd expect from a top level putter, was very good.


I have no doubt that you'll find the TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 an attention-grabbing and attractive putter. The squareness of the design makes it extremely easy to align and gives you plenty of confidence of the ball. The roll is very good and the only slight negative was the feel.

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