Ping Anser - the most successful putter of all time (so much so that everyone copies it)

Ping Redwood Anser

How does it look behind the ball?

The classic Ping Anser shape gives you a feeling of security and certainty when you address the ball (This picture is of a Redwood Anser). It is after all the design of putter that has more Majors in the modern era than any other, and been copied by dozens of other manufacturers.

Because the design is so "square" alignment feels quite natural - all the lines of the putter are either parallel to your target line or at right angles to it.

Early Ping Ansers had no sight line at all painted onto them, but almost all models on sale now have a sight line on the base of the putter which gives you an excellent aid to alignment.

How does it feel?

The Ping Anser gives you an extremely solid sensation when you make contact with the ball.

The earliest Ansers had a slit cut through the base parallel to and just behind the hitting surface (aka the soundslot). When you strike a ball with this design you get a loud ringing sound similar to the original Ping 1A putters which gave the company its name.

on an Ping Anser putter...

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If you're a fan of a loud putter then this will add feedback, but for my money, this really quite loud ringing takes some of the touch out of the putter.

Your best bet is one of the modern milled versions of this putter for feel and touch!

The Anser also has a tremendous feeling of momentum through the hit - you don't feel that the putter will be easily pushed off course one way or the other, or that the face will twist easily.

The Anser is a 1/4 toe weighted putter, so the toe will tend to swing in an open-square-closed path, however the sensation of the face closing is mild.

Early cast examples are about 10% lighter than the Redwood and Karsten versions (305-320 grams vs. 330-250 grams).

How does it roll the ball?

Like all Pings the roll off the Anser is good, verging on excellent - its lower centre of gravity is designed to prevent skidding.

on an Ping Anser putter...

Not in the US? Click here for eBay and Amazon listings for a Ping Anser in your region

Is the Ping Anser Collectible?

Yes, if the putter came from the early models.

Knowing whether your Anser has value as a collectors item depends on the year and model number (the details which are engraved behind the hitting surface). For more information on buying or selling a collectible Ping, I suggest submitting your enquiry via the website

An absolute classic which lives up to its reputation. In almost any guise this putter will be at least OK. Your best options are:

Ping Redwood Anser Ping Redwood Anser The design which has won more pro events than any other, now with top quality materials.

Ping Karsten Anser Ping Karsten Anser Unbeatable on price and right up there for feel and design.

Ping Anser G5i Ping Anser G5i A hideous beast to look at, but beautiful to use.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select The affordable Scotty Cameron.

Ping Karsten Anser Ping Karsten Anser Unbeatable on price and right up there for feel and design.

Ping Anser Ping Anser 2 The Anser is the putter that has been copied a thousand times - now available from Ping at a variety of prices.

TaylorMade Rossa Kia Ma Daytona TaylorMade Rossa Kia Ma Daytona Good looking Anser style putter - Part of TaylorMade's resurgence as a designer of high quality putters

TaylorMade Ghost TM-110 TaylorMade Ghost TM-110 Beautiful square-designed Anser with great aimlines - well worth a look!

TaylorMade Rossa Daytona TaylorMade Rossa Daytona Setup Well constructed Anser style putter - excellent if you're after a good putter at a lower cost - gunmetal color looks classy - feels good too!

Yes Donna (C-Groove) Yes Donna Wide bodied anser-style head with the amazing C-Groove for a terrific roll.

Yes Carolyne Yes Carolyne A straightforward heel and toe design with great roll from the C-Groove

Nike Method 001 Nike Method 001 A minimalist anser head that looks just a little lightweight. The roll is pure and the feel is good.

Nike Method 004 Nike Method 004 Face balanced version of the Method 001. Favor this putter if you're trying to produce a straight-back-straight through stroke.

See some of the history and early advertising for the Ping Anser here.

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