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Ping Redwood Anser The Ping Anser Redwood was Ping's premium putter in the 2000s. They were used by Louis Oosthuizen and Bubba Watson to win majors and became favorites among amateur and pros alike thanks to their top notch feel and production standard. This was Ping's answer to Scotty Cameron's premium putters, favored by Tiger Woods.

Since they were produced in greater volumes than Scotty Cameron putters they're available on the second hand market now at very reasonable prices.

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How does the Ping Anser Redwood look behind the ball?

There's something that's just right about the way the Ping Redwood Anser looks behind the ball. It could be the classic Ping Anser design, or perhaps the milled stainless steel head. Either way this is one attractive putter. The sight line extends from the back of the hitting surface to the back of the putter, and this combines with the largely square design to give you an easy putter to align.

The Redwood models are available in a black finish too and these make the white sight line stand out even more prominently, whilst obviously reducing sun glare.

All in all you get the impression of solidity and quality when you address the ball. All good things, of course!

How does it feel?

Ping have not scrimped on any of the materials in this putter - it's made from the finest 330 German stainless steel that Scotty Cameron putters are made from.

The feel off the Ping Redwood Anser is responsive, not dull. We absolutely love it. You just don't get any surprises from this putter at all, and can use it equally well on lightning fast and slower greens.

How does it roll the ball?

We found the roll off the face to be almost as good as any we've tried. The Redwood is easily on a par with a Scotty Cameron, an Odyssey or a Yes putter.

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The Redwood range was Ping's answer to the popularity of high-spec, high-end Scotty Camerons and the fast-selling Odysseys and it is clearly able to keep up with the competition. We haven't found a putter we like much more than this!

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