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TaylorMade Ghost Corza

Odyssey Backstryke

How does it look behind the ball?

The Taylormade Ghost Corza certainly stands out and its bold appearance isn't just restricted to the white color. The way the putter is designed means that the head is pretty deep (from the top of the putter to the base plate), and it's the same thickness across the whole head from front to back, which is unusual. However, far from looking bulky or cumbersome, the white of the head allows the Corza to seem surprisingly light.

Also, you'll find that the three lines on the back of the putter and the hole in the back which perfectly mirrors the shape and size of the ball you are about to strike. These gives you very accurate feedback as to how centrally on the putter face you are addressing the ball, and this is a considerable help in making solid contact with your putts.

Overall, we think the look of this putter is interesting and different. At first view it may seem futuristic and odd, but we think you'll be impressed with how the appearance gives you confidence after a very short while.

How does it feel?

Another strength of this putter is that the face feels as if it never closes. If you're looking for a putter to suit a straight-back-straight-through stroke which has the face square to the target throughout, then you must give this putter a try. The size and shape of the head seems to make it feel absolutely stuck square to the target. A word of warning, though, this is absolutely not the putter to be using if you're trying to produce an open-square-closed stroke.

How does it roll the ball?

This was really a strength. We're confident you'd be impressed with the roll you get from the Taylormade Ghost Corza.

It was one of the best rolling putters we have tested. It was a case of seeing a pure roll time after time. What made these results all the more impressive was that we were testing during the winter - the most difficult time to achieve a pure "end-over-end" roll.

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A good looking putter with real strength in terms of the roll it produces. If you use a straight-back-straight-through stroke, then we highly recommend this putter.

You might also be interested to know that a good number of players on the PGA and other major world tours have used this putter. The list includes Justin Rose (who won his first PGA Tour title using this putter). Click here for details.

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