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Taylormade Ghost Monza

Taylormade Ghost Monza

How does it look behind the ball?

The first thing that strikes you about the Taylormade Ghost Monza is the white color. It's not just the brightness of the finish, but the size of the head that makes the whiteness stand out. The manufacturer makes lofty claims about the contrast of the white of the head against the color of the green making it easier to aim.

There's no doubt that it stands out, but for my money it didn't make it any easier to aim, even with the two parallel slits from face to back, which should give you a good reference point.

I imagine this is the kind of putter that you just have to get used to. Certainly two of my golfing buddies who use this putter rave about it, but for my taste it was a bit too big to feel in any way like a precision instrument. Of course that's probably also a matter of taste.

How does it feel?

Well this was a strength of the Taylormade Ghost Monza. It certainly does have a soft, yet assertive feel when clubhead meets ball, and that is a combination that you're going to like no matter whether you putt on glassy quick surfaces or slow Bermuda.

My one criticism is that the feel was a bit dead. This sensation is common to many face balanced putters, however, so if that's what you like then this should be one to consider for you.

As a result it doesn't feel like you will ever have to "hit" your putts, but rather that you're going to "swing" the putter and allow the head's weight to smoothly roll the ball to the hole.

How does it roll the ball?

Two of my friends swear by their Ghost Monzas and claim that the roll is better than almost anything they've tried before and I did find the ball trundling out a bit further than I imagined, when I tested the putter - generally a good sign.

Taylormade would say these few extra rotations on the roll is down to the face grooves which are straight and horizontal on the putter face, making it look a bit like the face of an iron club. What exactly it is that causes this effect, the roll was good.

The Taylormade Ghost Monza is face balanced putter with a good roll. The looks are probably a question of "love or hate", but if you are in the love category, then the roll will also put a smile on your face.

This putter did feel to me, however, as though it lacked some responsive feedback - it was a bit of blunt instrument compared with an Odyssey insert putter for example.

That would be the only negative point on what is a good quality putter with a serious following.

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