Taylormade Ghost FO72

Taylormade Ghost FO72

How does it look behind the ball?

The words that immediately spring to mind when looking at the Taylormade Ghost FO72 are "solid" and "reliable".

I like the way the D-shaped head combines with square weights behind the putter face, giving some of the look and feel of an Anser shape and the sweeping elegance of a curved back.

The white Ghost style is enduringly popular and works well with the black aimline which stands out well.

on a Taylormade Spider...

What you might need some time to get used to is the double-bend shaft, which gives very little offset and means that the putter might feel strange if you're used to having your hands quite well ahead of the putter face.

That having been said - almost all face balanced putters have this kind of shaft, so if you already use one, this will probably not even feel strange to you.

How does it feel?

The insert in the Taylormade Ghost FO72 was impressive. It offered a nice soft feel and I felt I would have confidence with this putter on any speed of green. There were certainly no "pingey" surprises when the ball came off the face.

In fact the transfer of speed from the putter to the ball was a real strength of this putter. I felt it was reliable and straightforward, and would help you judge distance well.

How does the Taylormade Ghost FO72 roll the ball?

Again the roll was very good. It was true and straight and there were no nasty bobbles or wobbles. I tend to feel that face balance putters give less feedback of speed than toe weighted putters, but this model bucked the trend.

It was easy to feel the speed of the putt and very quickly my balls were all ending up either in or just past the hole. Just as you'd like it!


I was impressed with the way this putter both felt and looked. It's a good option if you like classic shapes and great playing characteristics.

I would recommend it!

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