The Yes Sara putter - full review

Yes Sara

How does it look behind the ball?

The first impression you get of the Yes Sara when addressing the ball is that the head is seriously big.

The long aimline is helpful with alignment and this is further aided by the white backing to that aimline. It's long and parallel to the target line, so gives you a really good impression of where the face is aiming.

on a Yes putter...

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That's where the attractive qualities of the Sara ended in my eyes. For me, the silvery color didn't look as solid and refined as the competition and for a putter that is trying to compete with high-end competition from manufacturers such as Ping and Odyssey, this was a disappointment.

The shape of the putter, too, somehow didn't give me much of a sense of confidence. It seemed too busy with too many different lines and angles to be reliable.

How does it feel?

The feel from the face of the this putter was a little tinny which added to my doubts that I would get on well with it.

However, I was seriously impressed by the feel for speed and distance I got. As this is one of the most crucial parts of the putting puzzle, this has the potential to make up for the putter's unfortunate appearance.

How does it roll the ball?

As with all other C-Groove putters, the roll one gets from the Sara is beautiful. You get a real sense of the ball rolling end-over-end and transferring the speed of the putter head to the ball reliably.


The delicate feedback and feel from the Yes Sara was a surprise and made the putter a much more realistic attractive proposition for me.

The sound of the strike on the putter is much more lightweight than one would expect, but you would probably get over this, especially given the results you're likely to achieve with the putter's excellent roll.

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