Ping B60

Ping B60

How does it look behind the ball?

The Ping B60 is one of the classic shapes of the the last 50 years in putting. Used by Nick Faldo for two of his major victories in Beryllium Copper form, it has been manufactured by Ping in many different materials over the years.

The shape of the two bulges at back of the putter is what gives it its "B" name, and you should be aware that optical research has proven that rounded shapes are more difficult to align than straight, perpendicular ones, but the long aimline on the B60 does go some way to make up for this.

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How does the Ping B60 feel?

For me the overwhelming feeling of the B60 is that of a ringing sound when you make contact with the ball. It's not in the same "pinging" league as some of the older Anser models whose "soundslot" make them really sing. The sound here more that of a muted bell.

But there's no delicate feel from the B60, along with this distinctive sound, which is a bit of a disappointment. This is compounded by the fact that the putter head isn't as dainty as many thinner styles of putter.

How does it roll the ball?

The ball comes off the face slowly with a fairly dull thud and this is a characteristic that you'll like if you regularly putt on superfast greens, but may otherwise disappoint you.

Nevertheless this almost unique delivery of the ball from the clubface probably accounts for why Nick Faldo used this putter to such good effect at the end of his career on the slick greens of Augusta National.

One thing that does appeal to all users of the B60 is it's shape. The long alignment line combine with the B shape allows you to aim the putter reliably and of course that's crucial to good putting! The curved shape is also easier on the eye than many of the other squarer-edged putters Ping makes.

Although it has an attractive appearance and great roll, the B60 has been the lesser relation to the Anser in Ping's stable for several decades, and for my money I wouldn't opt for a B60 because of the dull feel.

The feel may well leave you unimpressed as well, but it is a great putter for slippery putts on fast greens and this alone will keep golfers buying and using the Ping B60 for many years to come.

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Not in the US? Click here for eBay and Amazon listings for a Ping B60 in your region

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