Odyssey Versa Putter Range

Odyssey Versa Range

How does it look behind the ball?

The Odyssey Versa putter range is all about looks. Available in two different complementary color-schemes (either white-black or black-white), the whole idea is that these opposing colors make alignment much easier.

There is some science behind this assertion - bold opposing colours set parallel or perpendicular to the face of the putter have been proven to help you aim the putter more accurately, which needless to say is a key to good putting!

on an Odyssey Versa putter...

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The styles available in the Odyssey Versa putter range are not revolutionary - they're the "old favorites" that Odyssey has so successfully marketed for years (the iconic 2-ball, #7 and #9 in particular), but they are so good that you wouldn't want anything else. Year on year they're among the most-preferred putters on the PGA Tour - often they're number 1.

Does the color-scheme work?

It was hard to tell in the brief time that I had testing the range, but I played with buddy of mine who's a scratch handicap and he swears that the black-white combination has made a huge difference. It certainly seemed to work when we played, too - he shot 67 gross and took my money!

How does it feel?

Odyssey invented the insert putter, so it's no surprise that they're still the market leaders. The Odyssey Versa hasn't let this reputation drop and all the models we've tested offer the same soft but responsive feel which you would want.

The feel you get from "new" White Hot insert in the Versa range is for my money indistinguishable from original  White Hot insert that Odyssey first produced in the 1990s. Since that has always been one of the best feels on the market - perhaps THE best - it doesn't bother me in the slightest, that Odyssey hasn't tinkered here.

How does an Odyssey Versa putter roll the ball?

The roll of the ball of every Odyssey Versa putter I tested was very good. Not only does it come off slowly from the soft face, making the putters excellent for all types of green speeds, what really impressed me was the way the putter heads set up to the ball.

Somehow - don't ask me how this happens - the sole of each of the putters in the Versa range encourages the right set up conditions for the face every time. You can see this from the slither of face insert which is visible when you set up. It's always 100% square - I've never noticed this before in any other of the many hundreds of putters I've tested. It's unique to Odyssey designs.

This feature means that you're always going to set up with the right amount of loft on the putter for the ideal strike and resulting roll, and that's exactly what I experienced during the test. It's as pure as they come!


Another market-leading product from Odyssey. Great feel and roll and the same great designs that golfers all over the world have loved for decades.

Odyssey couldn't have wanted for a better marketing exhibition of their new putters than when Phil Mickelson putted his competitors off the course at the 2013 British Open Championship using a Versa.

Whether the black and white color-scheme is a gimmick or not, you will have to decide for yourself. As mentioned above, I have heard good things from longer term users, but even if you simply like the look and it doesn't actually help you align better, the remaining features of the putter combine everything that has made Odyssey putters great since 1991, so you're in for a great deal either way.

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