Buying a cheap golf putter
… tips for getting the best deal

If you're looking for a good, cheap golf putter, then you're not going to be short of choice. There are literally hundreds of them available.

When you're buying a putter, it's easy to spend more than you need to. Buying a new big name brand isn't the only way to get a high quality putter, so if you're tied to a budget you're not always going to have to sacrifice quality.

There are two main ways to find a cheap golf putter:

  1. Buy from a budget manufacturer.
  2. Buy a used putter from a premium manufacturer.

Buying budget is quick and easy, but it might not give you the best putter, so I definitely recommend you look at used putters (eBay is the best place to start) which are selling well below their shop prices.

Click here for the best big-name putters currently selling on Ebay (not in the US? Click here).

The benefits of buying a cheap golf putter on eBay:

The benefits of buying a putter on eBay far outweigh the risks. It's something I've done successfully lots of times and will do again soon, I'm sure. 

Putters in good (if not perfect) condition sell for 30-50% of their retail prices and sometimes less and if you know how to get them checked and fixed if something isn't quite right (and this might cost a few bucks), there's almost nothing that can't be put right with a cheap golf putter you buy on eBay. 

The Ping Karsten Anser - the best cheap golf putter we've reviewed:

This putter is absolutely what you might be looking for in a cheap putter: it's made by a good manufacturer, so the quality is good. It's their cheaper range, which means only a small compromise on the quality of the materials used to produce it and it was extremely popular when it was initially on sale, so there will be a good number of used examples to buy. For a full review of the Ping Karsten Anser, click here.

Otherwise, here are current offers for used (and maybe the odd new one) on eBay right now:

What are the risks?

Your putter doesn't show up, doesn't match description or is faulty or damaged: Almost all the issues of buying on eBay are now taken care of by the eBay Buyer Protection program.  Either the seller will refund you (to maintain a good seller rating) or you can ask eBay to resolve the situation, and if you've got a valid case, they will refund you. 

I have had to call upon this service once and it was quick and easy.

Getting a fake: Perhaps the most serious risk is that you buy a counterfeit putter and never realise it. See our advice page on spotting and avoiding fake or cloned putters here

Getting a putter with minor damage that affects performance:  Putters are precision-engineered instruments even if we sometimes make them look otherwise! If a less-than-careful previous owner of a used putter has thrown it on the ground or taken a swipe at their bag, then the loft, lie and in some cases even putter weighting can be put out of whack. Unless you have an expert eye, you'll only notice this when start putting with it - the ball may jump off the clubface or fail to roll smoothly.

The solution if you think this is the case, is to take your putter to a quality club fitter and get them to check the putter set up against the standards for that model (usually available on the putter manufacturer's website). A few bucks will sort your roll out in very little time. 

Tips for getting a great cheap putter:

Click here for our latest tips for getting your hands on the best cheap putter you can...

Some more of our favorite cheap putters:

Callaway Logo

Callaway Golf

Callaway Tuttle Callaway Tuttle The Tuttle is certainly original - a putter that definitely looks like a driver. The good news is that it performs better than it looks!

Never Compromise Golf Logo

Never Compromise

Never Compromise Alpha Never Compromise Alpha This putter seems to stay square for ever! Feel's not great, but you'll love it if you use a square-to-square stroke

Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Belly Putter Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Super-long aimline and futuristic design. Solid, affordable belly putter.

Ping Logo


Ping Anser G5i Ping Anser G5i A hideous beast to look at, but beautiful to use.

Ping Tess Ping Tess In our opinion, Ping's best effort at a blade putter

Ping J Blade Ping J Blade Possibly the ugliest putter Ping has ever made ... and it feels dreadful too!

Seemore Logo


Seemore FGP Original Seemore FGP Original A revolutionary putter which has now won 2 major championships thanks to its combination of roll on fast greens and patented riflescope aiming design. Well worth considering!

Titleist Logo


Titleist Bullseye Flange Titleist Bullseye Flange An extremely pretty putter. A favourite with some of the world's greats 50 years ago and excellent on fast greens. Unforgiving when compared with modern putters

Wilson Golf Logo


Wilson 8802 Wilson 8802 This is THE classic blade, used by the stars of 1950s, 60s and 70s. The kind of putter that gives you confidence the moment you pick it up

Still puzzled about which cheap golf putter to buy? Read our article on choosing a putter to find out what will suit your stroke.!

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