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White Hot Putters - Which is the best model to go for?

White Hot Putters were the most commercially successful range of the first decade of the 2000s. They get their name from the white insert material which, according to Odyssey is made of the same material you find in golf ball covers.

Click on the links below to read independent reviews of the White Hot Putters range (inactive links are for putters pending review - please check back soon)

Odyssey 2 Ball Odyssey 2 Ball The iconic putter of the 2000s - easy to aim, great feel

Odyssey Backstryke Odyssey Backstryke One of the most revolutionary designs in putting. Love it or hate the look, the results are good

Odyssey White Ice 5 Odyssey White Ice 5 Larger than average blade with original White Hot insert... beautiful to look at and great feel.

Odyssey White Ice 5 Odyssey White Ice 5 Classic face balanced D shape with silky soft Ice White insert!

Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Padraig Harrington used this combination of blade and 2 ball design to win majors, but what's it like?

Odyssey Black iX 1 Odyssey Black iX 1 Perhaps Odyssey's best effort yet to eclipse the Scotty Cameron and Ping Ansers.

Odyssey PT 82 Odyssey PT 82 Brought out to cash in on Phil Mickelson's move to Callaway and Odyssey in 2009. A limited edition putter, which is lovely to look at and has the best-feeling insert on the market

Odyssey White Ice Progressive Terron Mid Odyssey White Ice Progressive Terron Mid Sharp edged star ship of a putter - you need to like futuristic shapes to use this one!

Background on the White Hot Range:

The White Hot insert material was developed by Odyssey from the successful stronomic inserts which launch the brand. Manufacturers put an insert into the putter face in order to enhance the feel you get when striking the ball.

But, there's a problem with that - you have to make the insert exactly the right texture - too hard a material will not give you much feel at all, and would be worse than a cast steel head. Too soft and you'd feel like there was a sponge attached to the front of your putter.

You might think this should be a simple problem for high tech golf manufacturers to solve, but it hasn't. Ping's Isopur insert was introduced and then quickly scrapped and they have now reverted to making milled face putters for their top end models.

Never Compromise and TaylorMade have also failed to come up with an insert material that could stand the test of time. Only Odyssey has produced consistently good face inserts.

We at Best-Putter.com love them! The feel you get from White Hot Putters is superior, in our view, to all other insert putters and many other milled face steel putters.

Odyssey has re-branded the White Hot insert by adding a honeycomb design to the face and has modified it slightly to produce the White Ice range. This really shows how enduring the insert material's appeal is. For the purposes of this page we have included all White Hot and White Ice putters

The designs are wide ranging and pretty well made. Because they've been out since 2000 they make great second hand buys.

For more information about the Odyssey range and their revolutionary face inserts, click here.

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