Which putter is best when looking at the hole?

by Rod Brasch
(Sun Lakes.AZ, USA)


I look at the hole while I putt. What would be a good putter for me if I wanted to change my putter? Would a longer, heavy putter work better?

(From Will - Site Owner www.Best-Putter.com)

Hi Rod,

Thanks for your interesting question. Firstly, I would say that looking at the hole can be a very effective way to putt, and lots of pros use this method as a practice drill, although they then move their eyes back to the ball when they putt in tournaments.

To answer your question fully about which would be the best putter for you, I'd need a bit more information, so post any more details below by clicking on "Add comment".

For the meantime, here's what I'd say:

1. The biggest problem I've found when I've used this technique in practice is mis-hitting putts. It happens quite often that I stub the ground with your putter which makes the ball go half way on longer putts and affects the line considerably, too. I'm sure you're better at this than I am, since you putt this way all the time, but I would imagine that a longer putter would increase the chances of you hitting the ground before the ball, so I'd hesitate before recommending that.

2. A heavier putter is probably a good idea as it will give you a greater feeling of the putter head, which I find to be one of the issues with putting whilst looking at the hole. I especially find getting the distance right a challenge, and having a putter that has lots of inertia (because of its weight) would be an advantage.

and finally... 3. I would most definitely go for a putter which has a large sweet spot, because it's got good heel and toe weighting - and certainly not a blade putter or a bullseye style.

My recommendations for putters that would work for you would be:
(click on the links to read each review)

Odyssey 2 Ball

Odyssey 2 Ball Blade

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft

Yes Natalie (C-Groove)

Ping Crazy E

Let us know how you get on!

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Jul 21, 2014
by: William

Great tips - you're dead right, a pure contact is the most important key in putting.

Jul 10, 2014
big sweet spit probably a really good idea
by: Gary

I am looking at getting back to looking at the hole putting since this is an effective way to deal with the yips, which has completely destroyed my putting unfortunately.

I completely agree with a shorter putter for this kind of putting, and one with a big sweet spot, and probably face balanced.

Jan 04, 2012
A big sweet spot is the key here
by: Anonymous


Make sure you get a putter with the biggest possible sweetspot! Contact with the ball is king in putting - line, weight and roll all depend on it.

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