Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 Center Shaft

How does it look behind the ball?

On the face of it the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 Center Shaft looks like a standard Newport style head with all the hallmarks of a Cameron design. Great appearance combining softness with modern lines. 

But hang on a minute. The shaft goes into the head at a slightly odd point (much closer to the center of the head than you'd imagine), and it's straight, not kinked which makes it an onset putter. This is no ordinary Newport 2.

Obviously whether you're going to like the look of the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 is a question of taste. I found that the closeness of the shaft insert point to the aimline (and therefore the ball at address) gave me a positive feeling of control. 

On the downside, the straight shaft hides the heel of the putter when you address the ball and this can make alignment more difficult. Added to that the putter looked ... well ... like a bit of a mutant. There's a dot where the hosel would normally attach to the head, but it's not there. 

So is this slightly ugly duckling any good?

on a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 Center shaft...

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How does the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 center shaft feel?

Well, let me see now. I think there's only one word for the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 Center Shaft: a revelation!

The feeling of stability through impact is about as good as I've ever experienced. Ten minutes with this putter and I was sold. The face felt as though nothing could make it twist or knock it off course through it's swing. 

This all comes in addition to the soft-but-assertive feel that Scotty Cameron's putters all have.

How does it roll the ball?

No quibbles here. The roll is excellent. Just what you'd expect from a Scotty.


A supreme delight of a putter.

The Center shaft adds plenty to the legendary Newport head and the only drawback is that you can't see the whole of the top edge of the putter.

Well worth a look. 

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 The original, best Scotty Cameron... and thankfully not the most expensive. This is Tiger Woods' putter and if you can putt half as well as he does...

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 Center Shaft Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft The classic shape with a center shaft and no bend at the hosel. It's different ... but still has the same awesome feel.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Stainless Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select The "more affordable", but rather unimpressive Scotty Cameron.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 This well-loved shape with a straighter neck looks gorgeous, but doesn't - for our money - feel as good as the original  

Scotty Cameron Studio Design 5 Gorgeous mallet style putter - great roll, but somewhat hard feel off the face. 

Scotty Cameron Futura Scotty Cameron Futura Phil Mickelson toyed with the Futura, before heading back to a blade. The first of the truly futuristic putters, and probably about as attractive as they're ever going to be

Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 A simply gorgeous reworking of the Bullseye shape. New materials and great Scotty Cameron workmanship make this a beautiful putter to look at. Still not that forgiving, though!

Scotty Cameron Bullseye Platinum Heavy Flange Scotty Cameron Bullseye Platinum Heavy Flange A Bullseye putter worthy of consideration! The offset neck and flange aren't quite what you'd want if you're a purist looking for a bullseye, but it putts better.

Scotty Cameron Napa California Scotty Cameron Napa California As you'd imagine from Scotty Cameron, this is a beautiful piece of equipment. Looks, roll, feel - it has it all ... and a price tag to match

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Mid Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Mid A big hulk of a putter - face balanced with a long aimline

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