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The Art of Putting - Stan Utley

The Art of Putting - Stan Utley

The Art of Putting is my top tip if you want a simple-to-follow, but effective putting book. It reduced the number of putts I took dramatically right from the first round after starting to read it.

If you're looking for a step by step book to de-mystify the putting game, this is the one to go for.

Starting with the grip and covering every aspect of putting this book has everything you need to become a better putter.

Who's the Author?

Stan UtleyBy his own admission, Stan Utley is a journeyman pro on the PGA Tour but he has a sizzling short game.

He won one main tour event in 1989 and has survived on the PGA and Nationwide Tours on the strength of his ability to take shots on and around the green than most other players.

Utley turned his attention to coaching the short game, as he approached Senior Tour age (50 in 2012), and has taught Jay Haas, Peter Jacobsen, Darren Clarke and Paul McGinley.

What's in the book

Utley claims that good putting comes from following a set of simple fundamentals and he describes these chapter by chapter.

Click here for a chapter by chapter summary of The Art of Putting.

A fabulous book for almost everyone. Highly recommended.

Other books to consider

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Dave Pelz's Putting Bible Dave Pelz's Putting Bible Fascinating on the research on putting ... but watch out for the technique - the straight back, straight through method is not our favourite at Best-Putter.com

Getting Up and Down - Tom Watson Getting Up and Down - Tom Watson Tom Watson never seemed to miss in his prime... ever. Although this book is about the whole of the short game, the 42 pages on putting are just about the best you can find anywhere. "Study hard, soon you will be the Master!"

The Short Way To Lower Scoring - Paul Runyan Dave Pelz's Putting Bible Don't let the dated cover put you off this timeless masterpiece on the short game.

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