What Putter Grip to choose?

QUESTION: When replacing the stock, original Putter Grip, is it a good idea to use the same one or use one that feel/fits better to you?

ANSWER: (From Will - Site Owner www.Best-Putter.com)
Great question, and one that a lot of people probably ask themselves the first time they change a grip themselves.

The answer is that you'll definitely putt better with a grip that feels better to you. Feel is everything in putting, so you should let feel be your guide.

The resale value of your putter might be the only consideration against going for a different style of grip if you prefer it.

Collectible putters in particular are more valuable with their original grip (ideally) and then with a similar grip, if replaced.

Even this, though would only affect the value of a putter by a few dollars.

No, in this case, the answer is clear - go with the best feel!

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May 06, 2012
Changing Grip Does Not Alter Value
by: Peter, Northumberland, UK

I'd go further and say that putting a new but different grip on a putter has virtually no effect on the value of a putter.

I've been buying and selling putters on ebay for years and never once have I been put off by a non-original grip.

Condition on the grip is far more important for me.

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