Value of an old wooden shaft putter

I have an old wooden shafted putter that I'd like to have valued.

The following is on the back of the putter blade:

The shaft is wooden and the grip looks like leather but I’m not sure. I will try to send the picture again using alternative measures if necessary.

I would greatly appreciate if you could give me an idea what this old putter may be worth.

Thank you,
Mike H


Hi Mike,

My best suggestion for you would be for you to get in contact with either Gavin Bottrell of Timewarp Golf or Graham Griffiths of, both of whom are experts in antique and hickory (i.e. wooden) shafted putters.

I did an interview with both of them for our site which you can read here: and here:

Their contact details are on and respectively.

Good luck.

William John
Site Owner

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