Rife Mr Beasley Review

How does it look behind the ball?

First impressions of the Rife Mr Beasley are good. It's D shape is pleasing to the eye when you address the ball and the back of the putter face and small heel and toe weights make for a square feel, which gives confidence when you're lining up.

It's a no-frills putter, compared with some of the way-out futuristic putters and for me that's a good thing.

The black finish makes the putter appear heavy and I wondered on first impressions whether this might be a bit of a blunt instrument, rather than the sort of delicate tool you'd want to take out onto extremely fast and tricky greens.


... on a Rife putter

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What is for sure, however is that the combination of the black paint and the white alignment line work well together - you should be in no doubt where this putter is aiming!

How does it feel?

To my surprise, this putter has a wonderfully soft feel, which silenced my concerns about the heavy look of the putter. I'm sure you'll find that the putter would play well on all surfaces.

How does the Rife Mr Beasley roll the ball?

Again, the roll was reassuringly good and true, showing that Rife's putters - a little like Ping putters - are not about flashy designs, but are all about performance. I must say I was impressed!


A very good no-frills putter and excellent used purchase - you can pick them up cheaply in golf shops and online.

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