Mint 8802 Wilson putter

by J M Mullins
(Tucson, AZ)

QUESTION: I have a "mint" condition 8802, with COA. It is #221

of 1000 made. All original, along with a fur lined
carry case (similar to a pool cue case) Just wondering
what the value "MIGHT" be. For sure a collector item.
Thanking you in advance for any information. Will send
pictures if need, but as I stated MINT.

Hi There,

You're best off posting this on eBay to find out what a purchaser might pay for it. Equally, you might find a similar putter already there to give you an idea of its value.

Unfortunately I can't be more help than that. Because the putter market is fairly illiquid, you never quite know what you'll get for one - even a mint example like yours.

Wilson 8802s are indeed models that a collector would want to own. It's THE classic blade design.

Good luck.

William John (Site Owner)

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