Is a fat grip appropirate for a toe balanced putter?

by Len


Hello, I am inquiring as to how the fat grips can affect a toe balanced putter. I understand that there is the arc of the stroke. Aren't the fat grips designed to reduce the hand rotation thereby reducing the arc. Wouldn't this have a detrimental effect on the function of the toe balanced putter?


ANSWER from William John, Site Owner:
Hi Len, great question!

The fat grips are designed not to reduce the opening and closing of the putter due to its arc, but rather to reduce "wristiness" of the stroke. Having a much thicker grip cuts down on the firing of the smaller muscles in the hand which wreck a good stroke.

The answer in short, therefore, is that you can use a fat grip with a toe-weighted putter. Do read our review of fat grips, however ( as you should be aware, that you will have to deal with a slight reduction in feel with a thicker grip.

Although this is a sensation you'd rather do without, hundreds of thousands of players worldwide find the fat grip better for their putting, despite the feedback not being quite a good.

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