Does cutting my 35 Ping Answer 70's vintage affect the weight

by Al Mantini
(Pasadena, CA)

I have a Ping Answer owned since the 70's, it is 35 inches I need a 33 inch putter. If I have it cut, how will that affect the action? Too light? How do I adjust the weight?


Hi Al,

Thanks for the question. The answer is that it will change the swing weight of the putter (which basically means how heavy the putter feels in your hands). Your local golf shop will have a machine that can measure the swing weight before you shorten the putter and then you can return the swing weight to the same setting by applying lead tape to the head.

That said, it will never feel exactly the same as it did originally, because the shorter shaft will flex less and give you a slightly different feel.

But, don't get trapped into thinking that you won't be able to use the putter if it's at a different swing weight. in my experience you've just as much chance of liking a different swing weight as you will of disliking it, so just experiment.

Have a go with the putter before you start applying weight and see how you putt with it. In theory a shorter putter should work better for you on fast greens, as you'll have more touch on slippery putts. Since the greens are now on average 2ft faster than they were in the 1970s, you may find that a lighter swing weight is perfect!

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