1/4 Toe weighted

by Lee
(Greensboro, Ga. )

QUESTION from Lee in Greensboro, Ga., USA:

When you say the Anser putter is 1/4 Toe Weighted is that the same as "25 degree toe hang"?


ANSWER from William John (Site Owner):
Hi Lee,

Thanks for the question - I understand the terminology is not used consistently across the putter manufacturers, so there is always going to be some confusion.

But... yes - the idea is the same of a putter being "1/4 toe weighted" is almost exactly the same as "25 degree toe hang".

This is the kind of putter you'd use if you were looking to produce a fairly reasonably pronounced arc, common among shorter players and people who prefer to stand well away from the ball, and particularly good if your bad putt is a push right (for the right hander).

Hope this helps.

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