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Putter Manufacturers

Which putter manufacturers make quality putters at good prices...? Do not buy a putter without reading this first! Click through for reviews of 100s of putters from many different manufacturers. Find out who really makes high quality putters at a good price.

Putter makes are arranged here in alphabetical order:
Callaway Logo

Callaway Golf

Although they now manufacture putters through their subsidiary company, Odyssey (see below), there are also some Callaway putters - especially on the second hand market.

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Cleveland Golf Logo

Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf putters are still not quite amongst the best putter manufactuers in the world ... but they're not far behind. Cleveland are extremely well known for their wedges (probably the best on the market) and fairway woods, and they've made a range of fairly traditional putters for some time.

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Never Compromise Golf Logo

Never Compromise

Never Compromise putters used to be instantly recognizable with their black, gray and black color scheme, but now everything's changed. The black and gray putters were pretty handy products in their own right, and then the company totally re-invented itself... not once but twice.

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Odyssey Golf Logo


It was an Odyssey putter which brought softer, more responsive face inserts to the world of golf. Their designs are based on technology, especially after having being bought by Callaway in 1997. They have spectacularly good feel, and the only downside is the price, which can be high.

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Ping Logo


With more major wins behind it than any of the other putter manufacturers, the Ping Golf putter range is like a stable of thoroughbred horses. Ping rarely makes a bad putter and their range includes all balances and different types of head designs.

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Rife Putters Logo

Rife Putters

Rifes designs are innovative and good looking and they're fairly reasonably priced for a high quality product. Well worth a look if you're just starting to get serious about the game.

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Scotty Cameron Logo

Scotty Cameron

There's no doubt that Scotty Cameron is one of the very finest putter manufacturers in the game. The majority of their designs are adaptations of other company's designs, but in almost all cases Scotty Cameron improves on what he adapts. Some of the early hand milled putters are absolute collectors items and sell in the used market for incredible prices, but even a run of the mill Scotty Cameron is pricey.

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Seemore Logo


Seemore putters have one unique feature over every other putter on the market - all the designs carry their patented Rifescope aiming device, which gives you an entirely different way of aiming the putter, and aiming is the biggest and most important challenge in putting.

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TaylorMade Logo


TaylorMade Putters aren't as well known as their drivers and metal woods, but if you're searching for a top quality putter, you should consider them along with the other high end putter manufacturers. The Rossa and Rossa Ghost ranges are the equal of almost any other putters on the market.

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Titleist Logo


Since Titleist bought Scotty Cameron, few putters have appeared with the Titleist name on them. Before that they produced the iconic Bullseye putters amongst others. Now these are available at very reasonable prices on the used market.

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Wilson Golf Logo


Wilson is one of the forgotten putter manufacturers who are trying to rejuvenate their range. They are best known in putting for producing classic blade putters. Indeed, there was a time when the Wilson 8802 was just about the best putter in the world. The blade putters that many of the great players between the 1950s and 80s used were often Wilsons.

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Yes Golf Logo

Yes C-Groove

Yes Putter designs are based on the work of the legendary British putting teacher and putter engineer, Harold Swash. They are the only company amongst all the putter manufacturers who are licensed to use Swash's patented C Groove technology, and boy, oh boy, do they roll the ball sweetly.

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Not sure which of the putter manufacturers is right for you? Read our article on choosing a putter to find out which will suit your stroke, and not harm it!

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