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Which is the best Scotty Cameron putter to go for?

Which is the best Scotty Cameron putter? They come in all shapes and sizes, but what do they feel like to use and how do they roll the ball? Our hands-on reviews will tell you! Also find out where to buy them at the best prices!

Scotty Camerons represent the gold standard against which all other putters are judged.

on a Scotty Cameron putter...

Each week dozens of players on all of the world's professional tours use a Scotty Cameron because they trust the precision with which the company manufactures its models and the super responsive feedback you get from a Cameron putter.

Scotty Camerons are amongst the most expensive putters around. Some pre-owned models sell for $300+, and you can double that for limited edition models.

Click on the links below to find out which model is the best for you with's independent, hands-on reviews, you'll also find where to buy them at the best prices!

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Center Shaft The classic shape, different hosel ... but same awesome feel.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select The affordable Scotty Cameron.

Scotty Cameron Futura Scotty Cameron Futura Phil Mickelson toyed with the Futura, before heading back to a blade. The first of the truly futuristic putters, and probably about as attractive as they're ever going to be

Scotty Cameron Napa California Scotty Cameron Napa California As you'd imagine from Scotty Cameron, this is a beautiful piece of equipment. Looks, roll, feel - it has it all ... and a price tag to match

Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 Scotty Cameron American Classic 3 A simply gorgeous reworking of the Bullseye shape. New materials and great Scotty Cameron workmanship make this a beautiful putter to look at. Still not that forgiving, though!

Scotty Cameron Bullseye Platinum Heavy Flange Scotty Cameron Bullseye Platinum Heavy Flange A Bullseye putter worthy of consideration! The offset neck and flange aren't quite what you'd want if you're a purist looking for a bullseye, but it putts better.

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Mid Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Mid A big hulk of a putter - face balanced with a long aimline

Are Scotty Cameron Putters the best in the world?

Players using a Scotty Cameron have won a staggering 1/3 of all major championships since their first major victory in 1993 when Bernhard Langer won the Masters with a Cameron prototype.

In 1994 Cameron contracted with Titleist golf's parent company to allow them to manufacture all their putters with the Titleist branding. More reasons you might go for a Scotty Cameron putter include:

Tiger Woods used a Scotty Cameron (without being paid)

Tiger Woods' putter for all of his Major victories up to 2010 was a custom built putter based on the Ping Anser 2 design. Rumour has it that he has always used exactly the same putter (with the exception of the 2010 Open at St. Andrews) that was first made for him in July 1999, despite the company making 3 to 4 reserves each year.

Scotty Cameron putters are second only to Odyssey putters in terms of tour usage, and they are beautiful pieces of kit with which to ply your trade on the greens. They roll the ball like magic and everything about them has "hand made" feel (even though they're actually machined).

Are they worth the price?

They are routinely the most expensive mass produced putters on the market and their early models are highly collectible often commanding high prices in the used putter market. Sales well in excess of $500 are not unheard of.

Used Scotty Cameron Putters

The fact that they have such enduring popularity make them ideal second hand purchases. It's highly likely that you'll putt well with one, but if not, you'll be able to sell it on at a similar price to what you bought it for. (I'm speaking from experience here!)

Pimp your Scotty! - customization

Cameron putters have led the way in introducing customization to the putting market. Using their service (somewhat pricey, it must be said), you can change all the essentials like grip, head weight, loft and lie.

But it's not just about the playing characteristics of your putter. The Custom Shop will "Pimp Your Putter" in any way you like. Simply send your putter to them you can add colour, your name, extra sight lines or dots... just about anything you fancy.

Turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.

Not sure if a Scotty Cameron putter is right for you? Click here for our guide to choosing the right putter for your stroke.

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