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Tiger Woods Putter

Tiger's Scotty - The Original and still the best?

Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron"What is Tiger Woods putter?" is one of the questions we most often get asked at

It used to be an easy one to answer... for the vast majority of his career Tiger used a custom made Scotty Cameron Newport 2 prototype. Before that he used a Ping Anser 2 to win his US Amateur titles and a few of his early professional wins.

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...on Tiger's Scotty Cameron              ... and Nike Method putter

2010 - Enter The Nike Method

Tiger Woods Nike Method 001Along with Tiger's rocky personal life, the speculation over his inability to settle on a successful putter was a popular topic of conversation during the 2010 British Open.

After a decade of domination with his much trusted Cameron prototype, the former world no. 1 drastically switched to a Nike Method 001 in a bid to conquer the slower links greens at St. Andrews.
For Tiger, though, the greens at the Home of Golf only served to emphasise his putting woes. In the lead up to that Open, his former caddy Steve Williams had described his performance with the flatstick as "frustrating" and "substandard".

That Open was a disappointment and he decided another change was needed. This time he tried the "Method 003" model.

Tiger with a blade putter?

Tiger Woods Nike Method 003Although Woods has not been one to tinker too much with his equipment, he justified his change by saying that the blade design and 'toe-down' balance configuration (i.e. heavily toe-weighted) of the Method 003 helped him to release the putter through impact. This is a very different beast from the Tiger Woods putter of old.

This is how Woods explained his decision to split from his highly successful Anser-shaped Scotty Cameron model. However his early results were not all that impressive with the Nike designs.

on Tiger's Nike Method 003

Maybe that's why, during 2012 he's started putting with what seemed to be the Nike Method 001 again. This did bring success at the 2011 Chevron, but other indifferent performances have followed..

Woods's Nike putters have still followed the specifications of the Cameron he used before: They have the identical lie angle, an alignment dot on the head and the customary Ping grip (with the Ping logo coloured in black of course, to avoid commercial conflicts). Click here for the exact specification of Tiger's putter.

Is it all about the money?

Have you ever wondered why he bothered changing? You're not alone! We at certainly have.

Are we too cynical if we say we wonder what role commercial considerations have played in Tiger Woods putter choice? The Tiger brand is so big, even despite his fall from grace after his sex scandal that Nike would have done anything to get one of their putters into his hands.

Whether or not money came into the equation, the one good thing for all of us is that Nike obviously did manage to produce putters Woods is willing to use, which puts better putters on the market for us.

Murray Rose

by Murray Rose
Senior Contributor


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