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Odyssey 2 Ball Blade

Odyssey 2 Ball Blade  The Odyssey 2 Ball Blade is the putter Padraig Harrington used to win his majors. It's a spin off from the original Odyssey 2 Ball putter and combines the distinctive 2 Ball design with a blade style face.

... on an Odyssey 2 ball blade  

How does it look behind the ball?

If you're a lover of classic putter designs then, the blade will probably not appeal. In order to incorporate the 2 Ball design, the putter has an odd looking growth protruding out of the back of it.

That having been said, the 2 Ball shape is probably the most natural and effective alignment aid of any putter we've tested. It gets a major thumbs up.

The way the designers have blended the two quite different shapes together is also quite nicely done - just what you'd expect of Odyssey, one of the very best putter makers in the world.

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How does it feel?

The Odyssey 2 Ball Blade has the combination of the White Hot putter insert and the textured impact zone which is supposed to enhance feel. reviewers love the white hot face insert for its soft and responsive feel, but on this particular putter, the feel were not as awesome as from other Odysseys we've tested.

There's nothing offensive about it, you do know when you've hit a good putt and I found that I judged the distance on the extremely quick greens pretty well, but there's no particular sound and the overriding sense is of dull softness. Whether you like that or hate it is a question of preference.

The other thing that affects the way this putter feels is that, because of the way it's designed, it's not face balanced like the classic 2 Ball. If you look at the picture I took with it balancing on my hand, you'll see that the toe does hang very slightly below horizontal.

Odyssey 2 Ball PutterThis will make the Odyssey 2 ball blade a better choice for you if you use an open-square-closed stroke. You may just find the face wants to close through impact if you use a straight-back-straight-through stroke.

How does it roll the ball?

Like all Odyssey putters, the roll with is awesome. It was quite noticeable, however, that the ball came of the clubface a good bit slower than many other putters I've tried. The face is so soft that getting the ball to the hole on slower greens might be a problem. On the flipside, I really did feel that this would be a great putter for fast surfaces.

Combining a blade with the 2 ball design seems like a strange thing to do, but Odyssey have done a good job of it. The roll is excellent, but the feel off the face is pretty dead. Far better on fast greens than slow.

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