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Cheap Putter -
Top tips to help you find one

Searching for a good cheap putter...? you're not going to be short of choice, but you have to know where to find them. There are literally hundreds of them available.

When you're buying a putter, it's easy to spend more than you need to. Buying a new big name brand isn't the only way to get a quality putter, if you haven't got much to spend, you're not always going to have to sacrifice quality.

Below are links to Best-Putter.com's recommendations for cheap putters. We update this week regularly and consider the used putter market when judging what qualifies as "cheap", but high quality.

Find a cheap putter below and click on it for find an unbiased review and links to where you can buy them at the best prices. (inactive links are for putters pending review - check back soon!)

Below the links you'll find 4 golden tips on buying the a cheap putter at the best price...

Callaway Logo

Callaway Golf

Callaway Tuttle Callaway Tuttle The Tuttle is certainly original - a putter that definitely looks like a driver. The good news is that it performs better than it looks!

Never Compromise Golf Logo

Never Compromise

Never Compromise Alpha Never Compromise Alpha This putter seems to stay square for ever! Feel's not great, but you'll love it if you use a square-to-square stroke

Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Belly Putter Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Super-long aimline and futuristic design. Solid, affordable belly putter.

Ping Logo


Ping Anser G5i Ping Anser G5i A hideous beast to look at, but beautiful to use.

Ping Tess Ping Tess In our opinion, Ping's best effort at a blade putter

Ping J Blade Ping J Blade Possibly the ugliest putter Ping has ever made ... and it feels dreadful too!

Seemore Logo


Seemore FGP Original Seemore FGP Original A revolutionary putter which has now won 2 major championships thanks to its combination of roll on fast greens and patented riflescope aiming design. Well worth considering!

Titleist Logo


Titleist Bullseye Flange Titleist Bullseye Flange An extremely pretty putter. A favourite with some of the world's greats 50 years ago and excellent on fast greens. Unforgiving when compared with modern putters

Wilson Golf Logo


Wilson 8802 Wilson 8802 This is THE classic blade, used by the stars of 1950s, 60s and 70s. The kind of putter that gives you confidence the moment you pick it up

How to buy a cheap putter at the best price

1. Consider buying a used putter

The best way to save money and end up with a quality putter is to by second hand. Putters lose their value quickly after they've been purchased and you know as well as we do how quickly golfers fall in and out of love with their putters!

Therefore our strong recommendation is to search for what you want on e-bay and trawl the second hand racks at your local golf store. You'll find stacks of quality cheap putters in both. Look for putters that are 2 seasons old and providing they're not collectors items, you should be able to reckon on a 50% discount over the new price.

2. Big name brands often have a quality budget line

Ping's Karsten Anser is a great example of a cheap putter from a great brand. It's a fantastic product at a pretty reasonable price - around half of the top of the range Redwood Anser's new price.

Scotty Cameron - the most expensive large scale producer of putters also has a more reasonable line of products such as the Newport 2 Studio Select. OK they're still not exactly cheap golf putters, but they are awesome quality at a good price.

3. Last season's models are often better

Just because a putter came out last year doesn't mean the designers and engineers didn't put the same amount of effort into the design and construction of that putter. Now it's gathering dust on a pro shop rack and nobody wants it - especially not the pro who owns the shop, who'd rather clear space for the latest model that everyone is asking for.

That gives you the opportunity to pick up a cheap putter in a sale or find a pro shop selling online. Many pro shops use ebay or www.golfbidder.co.uk (in Europe) to sell off brand new, but out of season stock. In so many ways, a reputable golf shop selling online is the best possible place to find a high quality cheap putter. If you're in the shop itself, say to the owner "I know this is last year's model, and that you probably want to get rid of it to free some space up for newer putters. What sort of a discount can you offer?"

4. Get your priorities straight - design first, brand second, material third

If you're absolutely stuck to a budget, then this would be our suggestion: The cheapest cheap of putter of all is a no-name copy of old designs whose patent has expired (such as Bullseye, blade or Anser style putters). If you're extremely tight for cash, go for one of these.

If you can afford just a little more than the base price, go for the most reasonable offering from a big name brand - regardless of whether it's new or second hand, the same thing applies - big name brands manufacture their putters with a greater degree of precision and a higher level of quality control, so if you can afford the entry level putter from Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, Taylor Made, Yes or any other well known brand, then go for it. It'll be better than the top of the range model from a lesser known brand.

If you've still got money in your budget, then you'll be thinking about one of the better putters available on the market. What distinguishes these is the material that they're made out of. You'll find that stainless steel milled putters and certain insert putters (mainly the Odyssey ranges are generally considered the best in terms of feel. Behind both of these come cast putters which tend to have a harder, clicky, springy feel off the clubface.

Whatever you go for, stick to the rule of thumb - whatever feels right for you IS right for you.

Still puzzled about which cheap putter to buy? Read our article on choosing a putter to find out what will suit your stroke.!

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